BuZZone 2.0.2

Instant messaging via Bluetooth


  • Enables quick, free text chatting
  • Supports multiple users
  • Allows you to share files


  • Requires both users to install the program

Very good

Want to chat with your partner in a cinema about the film you're watching or chat up that hot girl or boy sitting across from you in the library?

Well, look no further than the excellent BuZZone for Pocket PC.

The application enables instant messaging communication through Bluetooth, so you can chat to someone on your mobile without actually talking.

Of course, you could do this using SMS messaging or via an Internet-based chat solution, but because BuZZone uses Bluetooth you can talk quickly and for free.

You can even invite multiple users to join in your conversations.

The program's functions allow you to define your username, scan the radio coverage of your Bluetooth transmitter for other users, send and receive text messages as well as voice, and exchange files include emoticons.

I can imagine a number of scenarios where this may be very useful, and aside from simply making titilating conversation in places where it's difficult to talk, it could be handy at business functions or exhibitions where you want to hook up with clients or partners in a crowded place.

The main drawback of the program is that both partys need to have BuZZone on their device. You can invite the other person to install it, but that kinda spoils the spotaneity of it all.

That said, this is a definitely an innovative application which is perfect for communicating cheaply and quickly with those around you.

BuZZone is an application that makes it easier for people to search for new contacts and communicate using Bluetooth PDAs and laptops. Using BuZZone you can search for new business partners at trade shows, organize a wireless forum and broadcast messages, or get acquainted with a hot girl/guy in a nightclub.



BuZZone 2.0.2

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